Friday, August 28, 2015

Women's Rights in Bangladesh


I will start from the beginning.I mean in the decades of 1980s women treated like a domestic animal.If they do their job they will get something to eat and clothes to wear.Most women lived beyond their wall and they had no access to any kind of activities beyond their house.They had limited access to productive service, health care,education and many others thing.which led us a fertility  pattern,diminished of  family well-being,unhealthy child ,frustrated educational system and other goals of nations.Back then about 80 percent women lived in rural areas.And 70 percent of them were small cultivators,tenants and landless household.Many of them worked as a labor and seasonally jobs and received very poor wages.Another 20 percent was landless households and their job was begging ,labor,gleaning and other irregular income.In fact their income was more essential to run their family.

                                       Education and Women contribution

The literacy rate in Bangladesh for women is lower than men.I mean the proportion of literacy for men and women is 62.5%:55.1%.But during the past decades women education is increasing rapidly.Not just in the education sector but also they are contributing many important fields to develop  our nation.Though there are some conflicts about their rights on lands. In spite  of every law they are not getting their rights.

                                        Crimes against women

Child marriage is more popular with Bangladesh than any other country .Can you believe that 29% of girls get married before age 15 and 65% before the age of 18.In spite of child marriage laws it increasing day by day.Government had no strict effort in this matter.The government in our country attempted to lower the age of marriage for girls from 18 to 16.
Dowry is another curse for our country and for our women.Dowry's sector getting bigger day by day inspite of every effort.
In Bangladesh girls are often victims of  sexual harassment and Eve teasing.It's a great disease for a nation.Especially teenage girls are often victims of Eve teasing.


Well-being is a blessed for everyone.But we need to take proper steps to being well.In Bangladesh women are suffer from malnutrition and many other disease.As a result they give birth unhealthy child.Besides this they do lots of households works everyday and they need proper nutrition.And we should aware of this.

We should think about their rights and take proper steps to bring it to them and let them contribute to develop our nation.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Beautiful Mind

John Forbes Nash Jr. is an American Mathematician.I am inclined to share his most dramatic and mighty biography.He was born in June 13, 1928 in Bluefield , West Virginia, United States.His Father John Forbes Nash Senior had a tough childhood.John Nash Senior worked for Appalachian Electric power company.


His primary education started in local kindergartens and public school.John parents were eager to give their son proper education.Later John joined a local community to increase his math quality.During his high school graduation he attended a community named Carnegie Institute of Technology through a full benefit of George Westinghouse scholarship , first majoring in chemical engineering and then chemistry and eventually mathematics at advice of his teacher John Lighton Synge. After graduating both B.S and M.S, he accepted a scholarship from Princeton University, though he was also accepted at Harvard University,the chairman of mathematics department of Princeton convinced him to stay in Princeton.

                                                    Mental illness  

His mental illness began to earlier his life when he was graduating.His wife was worried his irregular behavior. Nash's psychological life crossed into his professional life when he gave an American Mathematical  society lectures in Colombia University in 1959.He believed that all red tie wore people was his against and he wrote several letter to Washington D.C 's embassy.Later he was hospitalized in Mclean hospital   in 1959 in April.There he was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia.In terms of mental illness there is a strong reason to believe that during this kind of mental illness i mean paranoid schizophrenia victim acts following their imagination.Nash several times put in danger his son during his mental illness.This paranoid Schizophrenia described that during this illness victim prone to believe in illusion or their false imagination.


Nash earned a Ph.D degree in 1950.His degree's thesis was co-operative games where he put the definition  of his popular Nash equilibrium.Later in 1994 he won Noble Prize in Economic Science for his Nash equilibrium.He completed his degree under the supervision of  doctoral adviser Albert W.Tucker.Besides this Nash equilibrium he Nash embedding theorem  and many others.

My favorite quote which was given by John Nash....

                                        "People are always selling the idea that people with mental illness are suffering.I think madness can be an escape.If things are not so good, you may be want imagine something better"


John and Alicia Nash were killed by car accident on the New Jersey Turnpike .They were on their way home after visiting Norway where Jon  had received  the Abel Prize.The taxicab they were riding lost control of the vehicle struck a guard rail.At the time of his death Nash was 86 years old and a longtime resident of  New Jersey.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Human Trafficking in Bangladesh

Human trafficking in Bangladesh is extensive both within the country and other countries like India , Pakistan and Middle east.Human trafficking is indicate that national system is broken.It;s increasing day by day.In Bangladesh there are many reason behind this job and i am going to exploit some of them.The significant share of human trafficking are men or women recruited for work overseas with the fraudulent employments offers who are subsequently exploited under forced labor or debt bondage.There are many agency who terminate the the human trafficking job.Innocent or illiterate people don't know actually how things work in abroad,they trust their agencies and they get trapped like sexual abuse,coercion,child abuse e.t.c.

My intentions are clear.I just want to let you know people that how it works and in Bangladesh what is our condition.

Every year the rate of human trafficking is increasing.And our step of prevention of this thing lesser we should take.For this direct impact many girls are trafficked into sexual exploitation and many boys have also been traffic to the middle east to become camel racing jockeys.Children involved in camel racing (CICR) are often injured in the course of their work and sexually abused by their employers.There are reports by employers that deliberately  keeping their weights low by not feeding them enough.So children are suffer many disease including psychiatry or loss their ability to fit in any social activities.

It's known by everyone that government didn't take sufficient efforts to make this things stop or reduce.
The government reported the rescue of 2,621 human trafficking victims in 2014, an increase from 1,090 in 2013.
The main victims are actually women and children.and our government are not taking any useful step to stop this.There are many reasons behind this thing and like everything in Bangladesh i think the main problem is poverty. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Child Abuse in Bangladesh

Nowadays child abuse  in Bangladesh is most traumatic subject.I don't know much about it,but i dig out some vital element . And think this information will help you to understand our condition about child abuse.


What we actually understand when we talk about child abuse?  I mean child abuse is not only physical . Child abuse is the crime of harming a child in a physical,sexual or emotional way (Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary ).Child abuse is a curse for a nation.Children is our hope our nation's hope.This thing can destroy us from the root.However there  are too many way that our children can be abused.So i am gonna talk about Child labor.

                                                    Child Labor

Child labor in Bangladesh is common.I can show you many statistics about this child labor.Despite of many laws child labor in Bangladesh increasing day by day.This thing can ruin a child's childhood.
As far as we know from the aspect of Bangladesh.the major categories are broken family children.
And people who can't feed their children,their poverty and lack of consciousness is mainly liable for child labor.
There are some statistics i wanna show you people....

Working children,  aged 5-17    7.4 million
Working children, aged 5-14    4.7 million
Child laborers  aged 5-17        3.2 million
Children engaged in hazardous labor, aged 5-17   1.3 million
Child domestic workers        1 421,000
                                                                            Source : International Child Labor Organisation(ILO) 

There are many way a child can abuse.We should increase our consciousness  and be against it..

Cinderella Man

"In all the history of the boxing game you find no human interest story compare with the life narrative of James J. Braddock..."
                                                             Damon Runyon
James J. Braddock  was the  most heroic person in the boxing world.Not only the boxing world....his personal life was more dramatic than you can even think of....

James J.Braddock married  Mae Fox and they had three his great depression day he never gave up on his family. For sometime he was out of form and he couldn't even buy proper meal for his children.when he was out of his form his living style was like hand to mouth.he couldn't afford his electric bill or his apartment cost.But he didn't give up.He took relief money from the government and  took help from his known person for that he can live with his children.

 With his family during his poverty he had to give up boxing for a little while  and worked as a longshoreman.due to frequent injuries to his right hand he used his left hand during his longshoreman work.For this reason his left hand was stronger than his right hand..

The reason i write about him is i am truly inspired by his personal life. and i don't have  any intention 
to educate anyone..i am just so touched by his biography...

good luck guys...i will write soon....