Monday, August 24, 2015

Human Trafficking in Bangladesh

Human trafficking in Bangladesh is extensive both within the country and other countries like India , Pakistan and Middle east.Human trafficking is indicate that national system is broken.It;s increasing day by day.In Bangladesh there are many reason behind this job and i am going to exploit some of them.The significant share of human trafficking are men or women recruited for work overseas with the fraudulent employments offers who are subsequently exploited under forced labor or debt bondage.There are many agency who terminate the the human trafficking job.Innocent or illiterate people don't know actually how things work in abroad,they trust their agencies and they get trapped like sexual abuse,coercion,child abuse e.t.c.

My intentions are clear.I just want to let you know people that how it works and in Bangladesh what is our condition.

Every year the rate of human trafficking is increasing.And our step of prevention of this thing lesser we should take.For this direct impact many girls are trafficked into sexual exploitation and many boys have also been traffic to the middle east to become camel racing jockeys.Children involved in camel racing (CICR) are often injured in the course of their work and sexually abused by their employers.There are reports by employers that deliberately  keeping their weights low by not feeding them enough.So children are suffer many disease including psychiatry or loss their ability to fit in any social activities.

It's known by everyone that government didn't take sufficient efforts to make this things stop or reduce.
The government reported the rescue of 2,621 human trafficking victims in 2014, an increase from 1,090 in 2013.
The main victims are actually women and children.and our government are not taking any useful step to stop this.There are many reasons behind this thing and like everything in Bangladesh i think the main problem is poverty.