Sunday, September 25, 2016

Discuss and define on the ignorance

No matter how much you know there are things that you don't know. It's part of the life and it's not possible for anyone to know everything.And it doesn't mean that learning is futile or something useless. Learning is a process that slowly it helps us to lifted a huge weight from our shoulder. Learning is a process of making life easier and meaningful. There some moments when we face problems and we don't know the answer and there is nothing to ashamed of , no one can know everything. It's more like a urge to know about something and this is what makes us more wiser. There is nothing damaging like ignorance. Ignorance is a damaging aspect of someone life. Someone can no everything and not knowing is not ignorance. What we need is the specific knowledge to move forward and knowing mandatory fact to live our life. And it differ from people to people. For example i don't know anything about space travel but for a astronaut it's very important know about space travel. To improve someone's life learning is a very important process.

The meaning of ignorance can be different to everyone. But there are certain things we should know  in order to live our life perfectly. If you don't know about a low that doesn't enforce in your everyday life  it would be normal. But if you don't know about your city traffic rules it could cost you fine or imprisonment. You need to be aware about your children education and much more things. What i mean is there are some things that we need to know about our everyday life. And it can be differ from person to person.

Ignorance is the main reason for prejudices and biases. To avoid such thing we need to know about them unless we are ignorant about the fact. The word prejudice implies ""pre-judging" and prejudice means judge something or someone without any knowledge about them. To judge someone there's need to be specific knowledge about them and yet some person judge people even not knowing them appropriately. And this is what does ignorance to a person.

In every situation in our life we will need to make decisions and the capacity of making a decision is not possible for the person who doesn't think or know about the situation properly. Ignorant people will jump into a decision not knowing the fact. And sometimes one decision cost everything in our life.

Ignorance is a curse for every person. To do something properly we need to know about the fact and if we don't know then we can't do the thing correctly. Knowing is the against of ignorance. To improve our life, to make easier our life we need to learn. Learning can make things lot easier. To get rid of ignorance it takes dedication, hard work, desire to know and most of all effort. Ignorance always keeps us down, to do the right thing  and to avoid any kind of prejudging we need to learn about fact and situation. When we are able to detect that we don't know about the fact and create a urge to know is the brilliant thing and this things can make our life easier.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Children Trafficking In Bangladesh

The issue of children trafficking has been a major concern for very long time. Children trafficking is taking place in our country for very long time. It's a evil and very offensive crime. The nature and characteristics of this crime is very complex. All over the world children trafficking is complex issue and to stop or reduce it first it needs to be understood. For the open border with India Bangladeshi children are victim of trafficking for a long time. Traffickers are more bold and doing their work under our nose.Children trafficking is increasing and children are trafficking to India Pakistan for labor, sex, or even for their organs. It's very frustrating that how people can do such thing.They sell the organs of the children for money. To stop this kind of evil work Bangladesh government and many non government  are taking anti trafficking measures and trying to understand the process how traffickers do this work.Trafficking is a serious problem and it's considered as a human rights violation and traffickers works with very big network. In the context of Bangladesh children trafficking means " All acts involved in the recruitment or transportation of child within and across of the country for work or services by means of violence or threat of violence, deception or any other coercion form".

Children trafficking in Bangladesh is taking a really big shape and it needs to stop. To stop trafficking we need to understand how they process, transport victim or recruit them and who or which organisation are their buyer. Sometimes the process of trafficking consists so much complexity. They use so many process and they change routes , traffickers or divide victim in small group. There are so many organisation researching about trafficking, the behavior of traffickers and many things. Bangladesh can take help to understand traffickers from those organisation . Traffickers taking the advantage of our vulnerability and we are so many lives of children. Children are use for the sexual work, heavy work and sometimes they get killed for their organs.

There are so many reasons behind this children trafficking. The most important one is the vulnerability of family. They don't understand the consequences of their decision they make. They don't understand the process of traffickers. They their children will earn money for the family but never question what will they do to earn money. The lack of awareness is another reason for children trafficking. We are not aware of our actions. When traffickers give job offer we agree without interrogate about circumstances, works and many other things.

To stop this monstrosity our government should take proper step. Analyse about trafficking , understand their process and if needs take help from various organisation that are adapt. We should be more aware to stop this thing.

Early Marriage In Bangladesh

Early marriage or child marriage can be defined as " any marriage that carried out before the age of 18, before the girl is physically, psychologically shoulder the responsibility of marriage or childbearing. Early marriage is a custom in Bangladesh. It's destroying so many girls lives and they are losing their childhood because of this custom. In Bangladesh early marriage is so popular that most of the girls are marriage before the age of 18. In Bangladesh 39% girls are married before they are 15 and 74% girls are married before they are 18. Even though Bangladesh has child marriage restrain act people are more prone to early marriage. It's affecting our society and the most important it affecting the health condition of girls.In rural areas the situation of early marriage is so bad. They don't think about the girl, they don't think that if she is capable of running a family or not. More often the condition of girls health get worse because of malnutrition, early child birth and household works. As a result they are not able to live a healthy life and not even their children. It's a social curse that destroying the girls childhood and their life. People are not aware of this curse.

The main reason behind this early marriage is traditional customs and moral codes. Young girls are considered as a family burden. Sometimes parents are attracted by the lower rate of dowry.  in rural areas people thinks early marriage is a solution that they don't have to pay big amount of dowry. Another main reason of early marriage is young girls are often sexually harassed. Parents are always afraid of their girls safety. To feel safe parents are more prone to early marriage. Sometimes parents are attracted by proposal. They think their girls might not get proposal like this. To feel safe and to settle their girls is more important to them. These are the main reason behind early marriage. Though it differs family to family.

The consequences of early marriage are very dreadful. The main risk of early marriage is the health condition of a girl. To take a family's responsibility, childbearing, giving early birth are very risk for a young age girl. Young girls who get married are mostly suffer from malnutrition and feeling sick. Giving birth before age of 18 is risk for mother and for the baby. Besides girls who gives birth and the baby they suffer from various kind of disease.Maternal mortality rate is very high in young age.

Because of early marriage girls drop out of school. They are more likely to have less work skill and it hinders their opportunity to work outside of the house. They become so depend on others and it makes their life  more miserable. It leads to domestic violence and many other problems. Early marriage is the reason for their weakness, vulnerability, depend on others and so much more.

The main question is how do we stop it. But it's not possible to stop entirely. Early marriage is a concept and we have understand the consequences of early marriage. If we can make rural peoples to understand it's bad side we can reduce this problems. The government of Bangladesh have to be more active in this matter and do something about it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dowry Problem In Bangladesh

There are so many problems in our society but dowry is a problem that controlling so many women lives. It's a curse that take everything away from a family and build a false relationship. Dowry didn't take place in our society by one day. At first people give give gifts for their daughter for love or prestige. But eventually it became custom and took place in our society. Nowadays it has to be determined before marriage that what will bride's family give the groom's family. And more often bride's family can't afford what the groom's family demand and often it stops the marriage. Dowry has huge impact in our rural and urban life also. It's a custom, thoughts that took place in our mind and controlling so many women's lives. It has become very difficult for a family to find a suitable husband for their daughter without a handsome dowry. Nowadays marriage has become a business and it's like two family exchanging commodities. But mostly it's really hard for bride's family to collect whatever the groom;s family demand. Girl's family often become so desperate that they take loans and sold their land many other actions.

In rural areas people believed that birth of baby girl is a curse and one of the reason is dowry. According to dowry prohibition Act 1980 if groom or groom's family demand any expensive gift or money it is punishable by imprisonment up to five years.If bride's family is unable to give dowry then  often life of the bride's become hell. Sometimes groom's family torture her physically, mentally or even psychologically. In rural areas husband pressure the wife for money even after marriage and if the girl can't manage the money she is abused by husband, sometimes abused all family member of husband. It creates a lot pressure for the girls and the family of girls. They often sold of everything just to make their daughters life happy.

In Bangladesh dowry controls so many peoples lives. people who live hand to mouth but to marriage their girls or sister they expense everything they have. It creates a miserable life for the girls and for the family. Dowry is a way to destroy relationship and peoples life. Sometime it makes a girls to suicide. When a girls family can't afford what her husband family wants and it creates hostile environment. Then sometimes girls are abused by their husband family and lots of suffer lead them to suicide. Some family are so cruel that they torture the bride to death. It's a very ugly custom for our society.

To prevent this cruelty there are several law acts created by Bangladesh government. But it's a strong custom and to eradicate from our society we need to develop our thoughts. We should take this thing more seriously and say no to dowry. This is the only way to stop this monstrosity from our society.

Cyber Crime In Bangladesh

The communication system and digital technology made our life so easy. Internet is breakthrough for our entire communication. It doesn't matter where we are through internet we can communicate with wherever we want whomever we want. Nowadays using internet and modern technology is increasing rapidly and a person can deal with almost everything by sitting on his computer. Bangladesh internet using is increasing very fast.But this can be use for bad intention like steal personal information, breaking bank securities and lot more things. Any criminal activities through computer and networks is consider as a cyber crime. It includes traditional crime act through internet. Cyber crime is increasing rapidly all over the world. but Bangladesh has no special training or tech to combat this crime.Though Bangladesh is a poor country people are eager to know about internet and we have internet in 64 districts. Nowadays there so many cyber cafe in Bangladesh. Young people love to spend lots of time in internet. And yet Bangladesh government don't have expertise for cyber crime. It's like a safer place for criminals.

According to a valuable source in Bangladesh there are so many use of fake hosting, fake website and fake email to get valuable information. Internet is very important sector for our everyday life. Bangladesh has a growing internet sector and  to secure this sector government should take cyber crime more seriously. To keep safe confidential information and valuable resources government should create special cyber crime law like other developed countries.

Cyber crime is very popular nowadays in our digital life. Cyber crime is when someone use computer and internet to get access to confidential information or steal personal data and do something which is strictly forbidden. People who does this kind of crime generally referred as a Hacker. There so many types of cyber crime , but generally pornography is taking a huge shape nowadays. And government of Bangladesh is not taking proper steps. There are several incident took place in last few years regarding  cyber crime. Bangladesh Rapid Action Battalion's (RAB) official website was hacked and it was such a panic. RAB is a very powerful department of Bangladesh justice department and yet it was hacked by Bangladeshi people. But somehow RAB was able to arrest the hackers and one of the hacker says we should not do illegal stuff in internet. In Bangladesh banking system and transaction system is not fully online. When these things become fully online we will face great measure of threat and government should think about it real fast.

Though Bangladesh is not a technical advanced country ,there are so many illegal stuff going on in internet and it concern our government. Bangladesh government should look into this matter seriously, build cyber crime law and secure our internet. If we don't take any action about this our important sector and confidential will be in stake.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Agriculture Sector of Bangladesh

Agriculture is one of the most popular sector of Bangladesh for employment. In rural areas almost every family is involve in agriculture to make their living. Rice and jute are primary crops of Bangladesh. But wheat ,maize and vegetable are important too. In Bangladesh many people depend on agriculture sector to make their living.Tea grow in northeast area of Bangladesh. The land of this country is fertile that's why farmers can grow rice and harvest 3 times a year in someplace. Rice is the main food of Bangladesh. But for the growth of population there is short of rice . We can't full fill our needs . Though there so many people depend on agriculture, they don't have proper knowledge about farming. But nowadays government is taking proper step to enlighten the farmers about agriculture. They are providing resources and giving information about farming. Agriculture sector of our country contributes to increase GDP rate. The most important thing is this sector is contributing 60% of employment of the country. It has overwhelming and huge impact in our economic and social condition.

It's a potential and important sector for Bangladesh. There are so many crops grow in our country, like rice, jute, wheat, potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables and sugar cane. Potatoes and sweet potatoes have very good demand in local markets. Besides unrefined sugar cane is known as "Gur" in local areas and it has popularity in local markets. However our farmers are not up to date with technology and great ideas that can make lot easier our agriculture sector.In rural areas farmers are mostly illiterate and they don't know proper way to make their farming easy. To make farming more productive government needs to train farmers and aware them about farming.

To kill insects farmers use  several kinds of medicine which are very harmful for us. To avoid insecticide and create an alternative way experts needs work on this matter. In insecticide there so many harmful elements and these things affected us very much. Bangladesh is fourth large rice producing country. The Rice research center of Bangladesh is working with several NGOs to solve the insecticide problem. Crops are mostly for local markets of Bangladesh. Only a small percentage of production for world market but mostly for local market. To increase our market and to gain more GDP from agriculture we should take proper step and do something about it real sooner.

The agriculture sector  is very important for our economic development and solve unemployment problem. To increase products market in worldwide government should train and give opportunities  the farmers. To make change in our economic condition we need to focus on agricultural sector. 

The Important of Self-Discipline

Self- Discipline means control yourself and strengthen your inner self to become better version of yourself. This is the way to become better and to know how to utilize every resource you have got. Everyone knows that self-discipline is efficient way to reach our goal and be better version of yourself, though very few practice this in our everyday life. Self-Discipline doesn't mean to harsh on you or restrictive life style or living limited life. It's about strengthen your inner side and push yourself towards success and reach your goal.Many of us thinks it's an old idea or old fashioned. But if you want to become better or best version of yourself you need self control, mind set up and continue the process consistently. To learn these or gain these virtue you need to be disciplined. It helps us to be efficient, overcome our addiction, stay from laziness and procrastination. It helps you to be determined about your decisions and work until you achieve your goal. It's about feeling strength inside and gain confidence that you have full control over you.

If you want to be an entrepreneur you have to work on your patience, consistency and determination. To be an entrepreneur you will need to be calm, you have learn accept rejection. To increase your inner virtue and your work ethics you need to discipline yourself.

If you want to be an athlete you need years of practice, training, hard work and increase your skills. To gain those virtues first you need to be disciplined. In the morning wake up early, work through pain and keep work out every day, it's only possible by self discipline. Not only in athlete sector but you will need discipline in every sector you want to be the best.

To make big change in your life you need self discipline. To gain the courage to left behind everything you know, get out from your comfort zone you need self discipline.

Every person wants to raise their children to become noble person, respect others and to gain their goal. Children prefers example than advice. So if parents wants their children to become a better person they need to practice self discipline and their children will follow their work , their behavior.

By possessing this skills someone can achieve self esteem, self control and consistency. To increase your abilities to gain something, you need to be discipline. On the other hand the lack of self-discipline lead us to failure, depression, laziness and procrastination.

Many of us believe that this is a way to become better but very few of us practice their everyday life. Everyone wants to be the best of themselves, but it's not possible without hard work, sacrifice, consistency. And to become better of ourselves we need to learn self-discipline.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Poverty In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing and populated counrty. It has enormous number of population and people who can't afford a normal life with their basic needs. The life style of this country's people is very poor and miserable. Most of the people live by hand to mouth. It means if they don't work one day they can't afford their food and other basic needs. In this country most of the people are living a poor and miserable life. Bangladesh is facing several problems like iliteracy, infant mortality, unemployment problem and much more, people of this country is fighting for a good and stable life though they have so much limitations. But poverty is a problem that people are unable of overcome this curse. Now the major question is why is so poverty in our counrty?, what are the reasons behind this?, and what should we do to reduce this poverty from our country? If we can get those answer we will be able to do something constructive to reduce this problem.

Poverty has so many effect in our social life and yet we are unable to reduce this problem. Poverty has so many dimensions. It reflects insecurity . It hinders social and economic empowerment. It's about our vulnerabilities , uncertainty and not knowing the fact. There are so many reasons behind this problem and it did't occur in one day. In rural areas people are depend on their agriculture sector, but they don't have enough knowledge about agriculture and it applies in all sectors. However there are bigger reasons behind this problem like unemployment. It has huge impact in our society and as a result people of Bangladesh are living under of poverty lines.Poverty inclines that someone don't have enough money to fullfill their basic needs and things those make life easier.

There is elite class people who controls other peoples life and take advantage of their vulnerabilities. The people who are depend on so many things like natural calamaties , price and such things. If these things changes lot of people life get so miserable. The problem is our social infrustructure .Where rich peole get richer and the condition of poor people get worse.Speacially in urban areas some people fight for their daily food and some waste so much money for nothing. If we can't do something about it things will get worse.

The economic condition of our country is developing. To reduce poverty from our country we should take this issue more seriously, analyse the condition and take proper step. We need to make sure that every people of this country can fullfill their basic needs and have a normal life. Our government should think about it and take proper step as soon as possible.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Women Empowerment In Bangladesh

Women empowerment in Bangladesh is a critical issue. In modern days we believe in equality but we rarely practice in field. Though the half of the population is women and girls, they are not allowed to make decisions and do things their way. They are essential part of a family , they handle every indoor issues and yet they don't get credit for that. They are very important resource for our society and if we can make sure their proper participation we can achieve something bigger.  Though they work in many sectors like garments, hospital, police and agricultural areas, they are neglected in every sectors and it hinder's their rights. If we can make sure their participation and use the half of the nation's resource we can eradicate our poverty and established women's empowerment. Women's empowerment is a process to make sure their right's and eradicate gender disparity from our society. It's a very important concept that needs to be applied in our society.

In Bangladesh there are so many obstacles to established women's empowerment. Women  believe in superstition , erotic social value, ignorance and religious sentiment. And men take this opportunity and use their weakness against them. In our society when a  female child born it is considered as a curse and on the other hand when a male child born it is considered as luck and welcomed the male child. As a result when female grow up the society place a concept in their mind that they are born to look after men and the family. In our country it is forbidden for a women to work outside. Though nowadays women are participating outside work in a small amount and they don't get full credit for their achievement.

Bangladesh is a developing  country  and to achieve something great and eradicate poverty from our society we need to make sure that women are participating and they are treated as resource. To established women empowerment women needs to take their part and their rights. We need believe that women can be a big resource to eradicate poverty and established a strong society. In order to make this things work we need make sure their proper education. And this is how they can take their rights from society and participate to make a better world.

We need to consider this matter and find out the obstacles and work on it. if we can make sure women's participation in every sectors in our society we will able to achieve something great.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Environment Pollution In Bangladesh

The word "pollution" means contaminate or make dirty. It's a major problem in Bangladesh. In Dhaka the ratio of pollution is very high and it 's affecting us everyday. When the essential elements rate of environment is low and the contamination rate is high it indicates that our environment is polluted. There are so many reasons behind this pollution problem and to detect those reason we must consider every aspect of our life. In Dhaka there are so many industry and vehicle. Industrialization is necessary to improve a country's economical condition but in our country industries creating pollution by releasing various kind of toxic and gas. They dumping their waste in river or abandoned area and these wastes are taking the place of essential elements of environment. As a result the ratio of the necessary elements are too low.The pollution consists in air , water and many other ways. As a result animal, Birds and also human being is in danger. It causes extinct of many animal. The use of industrial gas, toxic, waste, fertilizer, pesticide are the main reason of pollution. It's making life difficult for human and animal.

Air pollution is contaminate the air by releasing or emitting  gases, toxic and many other stuff. Dhaka is one of the mega city and because of that the numbers of vehicle are so many. In Dhaka vehicles are emitting smoke and polluting our air. But gas took the place of oil and now the pollution is much less.
There so many industries that emits smoke and our environment specially air taking a big hit because of this industrial smoke.In Dhaka the ratio of trees and population is not a good position. People are breathing  out Carbon Dioxide much. And the lack of trees can't fulfill the demand of oxygen. These are the reason behind air pollution. To decrease air pollution we should plant more tree and reduce industrial smoke.

Water pollution is contaminate the water by emitting toxic substance, waste,fertilizer and many other things.In our country many industries are releasing their toxic waste into river and polluting the water. As a result the creatures of water's life is in danger.By contaminating water we are destroying  the life of water's animal. And by using water of river or ponds we are getting sick every time. Water
pollution is creating some serious disease. And to stop this we need to act fast.

To get a pollution free environment we need to take proper steps. We should plant more tree . Government should do something about the industrial matter and help to create a pollution free environment.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Drug Abuse And Addiction In Bangladesh

Drug abuse and drug addiction is a growing and major concern for Bangladesh. It's taking a horrible shape to destroy our youth and society.Normally people do not understand why someone become addicted to drugs or why they just don't stop it. But there are some complication behind this. When someone abuse drugs regularly it's affect their brain, chemical run into their brain cell and it creates a feelings for sometime. When a drug abuser relapse they seek to abuse drugs and it become the most urgent feeling for him and he simply can't stop it. In Bangladesh it's increasing day by day and the abuser are mainly 17-30 years old. It's major problem in Bangladesh. There are so many reasons behind this drug abuse. In our society who abuse drugs are neglected and disrespected. But taking some step we can't reduce the drug abuse and addiction. To get rid of this problem we need to take immediate step. Firstly in order to stop drug abuse we have to stop illicit drug trafficking and stop the drug dealer.

Drug addiction is a brain disease for who use them and also harmful for people around them.It's quite really a frustrating matter that our youths are prone to be addicted. At first they take drugs for curiosity and then it becomes habit.Drugs are chemicals and those chemicals run into brain and hinders the normal process of brain.It is because that drugs are disease ,people who uses drugs can''t stop that easily. But with help and proper medication people can get rid of this curse. To stop doing drugs there needs proper effort. By taking medication and behavioral therapy it can be stopped. There are so many reasons behind this. Frustration, family problems, unemployment and easy access of drugs are the main reason.There are so many types of drugs in Bangladesh like :

                                                       7.Choros  and much more. There are so many sleeping peels to. People get easy access of this stuff and that's why people are more eager to use drugs.

Drugs abusing are  damaging our natural responding system and nervous system. As a result  it's creates unusual behavior and makes people who use drugs unable to live a normal life. There are some source addicted collect their drug money.
                                           1. pocket money
                                           2.from fiend
                                           3. from family
                                           4. criminal activities like hijacking and extortion etc.

Most of all  it's destroying our youths life and our society. To stop this curse we should take this more seriously and use resources and take proper step. If we fail to stop  this , it will destroy our nation's future . To stop this first we need to stop illicit drug and drug dealers. And this is the only way we can reduce this problem.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Unemployment Problem In Bangladesh

 Unemployment means when a large number of people seeking for job but government is unable to provide. Nowadays it's a major problem in the world. But in Bangladesh it's getting worse day by day.Every year there are so many students who complete their graduation , when it comes to apply their talent or do their job they can't find proper job or no job at all. As a result the young generation of Bangladesh is frustrated and losing their way.Though it's the responsibility of government to provide job they failed to full fill the demand of our young people. There are so many reasons behind this unemployment problem.It's frustrated and humiliating when a student go office to office to find a job for years and a time comes when they can't afford to apply for a job. In Bangladesh there are so many people fighting over a single post of job. And when they are tired of running they lost their way and eventually they start to involve in crime. It has huge effect in our country.

In Bangladesh political instability is the main cause of this problem. The two powerful  political party BNP and AWAMI LEAGUE , they are busy to gain their political power and nobody took any step to eradicate this unemployment problem. For political crisis no country or no company wants to invest in our country and we are losing our hope.Bangladesh government should take this problem seriously and comes to a solution.
If we notice the Asian developing country like Singapore , Malaysia and Korea they were able to eradicate this problem . The statistics of unemployment in Bangladesh is really bad. According to study the rate is 11%, in 2002 it was 8% and in 1990 it was only 2.4%. Besides political crisis there are some crucial reasons behind this unemployment problem.

The growth of population in Bangladesh is another problem behind unemployment problem. Our country is overpopulated and for overpopulation there is not enough job sectors. Industrialization is a important tool to eradicate unemployment from society and in Bangladesh we are failed to industrialized . It's a huge effect in our society.

In Bangladesh the education system is fault and it's not helping to increase creative mind. Our education system is lack of field work . As a result after knowing the process we are incapable of using it practically.

To eradicate this problem from our society we should take proper step as soon as we can. without wasting time we should stable our political situation so that other country and multinational companies decide to invest in our country. We need some changes in our education system like emphasis on field work, technical work and need to take some step to create extraordinary.
The main solution is industrialization . we need to build industry and create job. By expanding our industry sector we can easily eradicate this problem from our society.

If we can even solve some  of this problem we will able to stop this curse and make a better country. Our government should take this matter seriously.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Corruption In Bangladesh

Among many other problems Bangladesh has corruption problem too. And it's pretty much serious nowadays.Bangladesh is a small and developing country with many obstacles. To make sure it's economical and financial stability it's always face some serious difficulties. Corruption is a crime that destroy a country's future and no one can escape from it's harm.In Bangladesh it's starts from higher level of government officer,clerks, even peons. In this country every sector is corrupted and their lust and greedy making our life miserable. Government officer or who provide government services they demand bribe from common people to provide their services. In Bangladesh it's a become a normal and everyday factor. It's like everybody knows if you need any service from government or other institution you will have to pay them. As a result people suffer so much to get their services. There is no efforts from any government or institution that works against corruption to stop this particular disaster. There are so many reasons behind this corruption or bribery. The main reason is money, power, greed and much more.

There are so many types of corruption that taking place nowadays.When a general citizen ask for any service from government office and he has to pay to get the service it's called petty corruption. when  it happens the victim is directly a citizen.In order to get the service citizen offer them bribe and get their service.So petty corruption is when citizen are directly involve. When a political party or a city councilor or Mp choose to give a contract to a individual contractor in order to get benefit , it's called grand corruption. When this kind of corruption happen all the citizen are equally victim. there are so many types of corruption besides these two.

The reasons behind corruption is not simple. There are so many things to consider to determine why is this happening. It is known that the main problem behind this is poverty and morality. If the government officers don't get a standard wages or salary to live a standard life ,they  normally get involve in corruption . I think the main reasons behind this is lack of accountability, transparency and monitoring. If these elements are missing then corruption will increase no matter what. In our country there is no transparency and everything seems dark. And that's why it happens in the first place.

To stop this evil force in our country we need to take proper step. Though it can't be remove entirely from our society we should try to reduce the percentage. By increasing the accountability and monitoring we can reduce this. If we fail to do that there will be massive amount of destruction in our society.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Traffic Jam In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country. With all other problem it has massive traffic problem. Specially in Dhaka and Chittagong city. Dhaka is a Mega city which has nearly 12 million people.Everyday city people suffer so much for the traffic jam and it's killing their valuable time.There are lots of reason behind this traffic and hopefully i will talk about most of them.It's affecting our daily life very badly. If people want to go somewhere like school,college or in office they face massive traffic jam everyday.As a result they are unable to do their job correctly. In Dhaka city when someone want to go somewhere they always plan ahead.Only ten minute  way take one or two hours to reach.For this traffic jam people always suffer from air and sound pollution and it's making people life very miserable everyday.To prevent this problem we need to consider so many thinks.


There are so many reasons behind this traffic jam. Dhaka is the capitol of Bangladesh. As a result people from all over the country come in Dhaka in search of living and they are crowding it everyday. Besides this there are so many  vehicle and rickshaw in Dhaka. There is no by pass road out of the city and people always go through the city to go their destination. In order to make a better transportation in a city they need 25% road, Where Dhaka has only 7.5% road. It seems with this lack of city road we are facing an increasing problem.There so many reasons for traffic jam and the significant problems are  :

1. Lack of proper city planning.
2.There is massive difference between the number of vehicle and proportion of city road
3.Parking Problem
4.Centralization ( people are prone to come Dhaka in search of their living and population is increasing day by day)
5.Lack of traffic knowledge of drivers
6.Breaking the traffic rules
7.Lack of man power or traffic police
8.Entering so many vehicle everyday from outside the city
9.Handling the traffic system manually ( lack of technology )
10.Rail crossing
Besides them there are so many reason behind traffic jam.there are 70 (approximately) train in or out Dhaka everyday.As a result vehicle wait so much time and it causes traffic jam.In order to solve this problem we need some proper planning and our effort.

                                         How to reduce traffic jam

To reduce traffic jam we need proper planning and good effort.There are so many things to consider in order to reduce traffic jam. People are suffering this problem for long time and to make our life easy we need to focus on this problem.There so many things we need to consider but there are some important issue we should look at :

1.Take some proper step to planning road
2.Create strict rules and punishment who don't obey rules
3.Remove invalid vehicle from the road
4.Without proper knowledge of traffic don't issue driving license
5.Encourage  pedestrians to use zebra crossing or foot over bridge
and all above we should campaign to aware people about traffic jam.By taking proper step we can reduce traffic jam in Dhaka and make our life lot easier..

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Eve Teasing In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small and developing country, it has many problems.Eve teasing is one of them and it's problem with massive collision. Nowadays it's a massive problem specially to the teen aged girls. They are suffering humiliation , street harassment and much more. I suppose there is no need describe this facts that has huge impact in our society. So today i am gonna show some reasons why it's happening and some statistics that took place in our society.In our society there is huge misunderstanding that girls who are victim of eve teasing it's because of their dress modesty and their behavior. But i think the main problem is our perceptive and what we think about women. If we can change our thought or mind set or whatever you want to call it about women , it can be remove from our society.In short eve teasing is a euphemism used in Bangladesh for public harassment and humiliation ,sexual harassment and molestation of women by men.
Here are some elaborate information about eve teasing.

The Victim

Specially the victims are teen aged girls like i said before. But women are victims too. Girls who go to school or college are mainly humiliated by men. And what comes from sexual harassment or molestation is very dangerous outcome.

Eve Teaser
Eve Teaser is the man who harassment and do offending things to the girl.In our country normally eve teaser is the student of school or college. Middle aged men are also eve teaser. They humiliate girls in front of people and do very offending things to them or say something very hurtful. It seems to be by doing this things or molested girls they enjoy very much.

The effect of Eve Teasing

Bangladesh facing some serious problem now. Eve Teasing is one of them and it must be remove from society.After by molested and humiliated by eve teaser many girls gave up their life. Eve teaser sometimes touch them , comment in offensive way and sometime they humiliate girls in such disgusting way. As a result many girls who are victim of eve teasing prone to suicide or they stop go out and dropped out school or college.  Girls who are shy they don't tell their parent about these incident and they get frustrated and it makes them sick psychologically .The impact of Eve Teasing on girls :

1. Early marriage
3.Dropped out school or college
5.Feeling scare all the time.

To protect our girls and women Education ministry declared 13 June as " Eve Teasing Protection Day". There so much evil in this specific things and it can destroy a girls whole life. There are some statistics of victims :

   Year                                                                             Number of victim (approximately)
   2005                                                                                       11400
   2006                                                                                       11000
   2007                                                                                       14000
   2008                                                                                       14100
   2009                                                                                       12900

There are many reasons why this is happening. Nowadays in our society we don't teach our sons modesty , the value of women. This generation started following the western culture (specially bad things ) and they are forgetting our culture and society. As a result they are more violate and aggressive .

Now is the proper time to take proper step to stop this eve teasing and save our girls and our country. To stop this we should raise our voice and respect women.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Digital Bangladesh

The term 'Digital Bangladesh' implies rapid and positive development of all sectors. It impacts all the sectors of a country.Basically it means the development of technology and education. Through these development a country can achieve their goal. In Bangladesh we can develop our agriculture sector by using high technology. It increase our accountability in all sector . As a result we get transparency and proper explanation of concern subject.The term Digital Bangladesh was used by Bangladesh Awamy- league party. They set their goal to achieve greatness in all sector sectors. We just have to use its advantage in all sectors.

As a Bangladeshi citizen i am willing to say that we achieve so many things in the past year. And through our modern facility we will achieve our goal . I think Bangladesh will be a better and self-sufficient country in the future. Now we have more opportunity  to prove ourselves than before. And i think we should grab the opportunity and become something extra-ordinary.

The term Digital Bangladesh was first used in 2009 by Awami league and they are working on it since then.
Now Bangladesh is connected with sub-marine cable. And there are many sectors Bangladesh is participating now. In Bangladesh now we have more opportunity to accomplish something big and something great and i think we should work on it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Flood in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is prone to flood because of it's geographical situation. People of Bangladesh suffering this curse for long time.Every year there is vast amount of people are losing their home. As a result those homeless people always suffer much.Their normal life become so much harder and painful.
Flood almost take their everything they own.There are so many death and suffer for the people for blood. Mostly suffer the riverside people. They lose their home, their domestic animal and much more.

As you know for flood people lose their communication and everything becomes harder.There are so many statistics you will find about Bangladesh flood.There were so many major flood in Bangladesh in 1987, 1988 and most recent flood was in 2004 and 2010.Many people can;t reach out for help because of their communication problems and circumstances.Specially children of Bangladesh don't get fresh water and healthy food and as result they suffer from diarrhea and many disease .

Among many other problem not knowing what to do and lack of preparation causes so much damage.
Now many organization are working on how to help efficiently flood affected people.

By taking proper step we can fight flood. And we can make a better living life for flood affected people.Every year flood causes many deaths in Bangladesh. They lose everything and become more vulnareble.

We should aware them and enlighten them how they can fight blood . And most of all we should help them every way we can.