Monday, August 29, 2016

Environment Pollution In Bangladesh

The word "pollution" means contaminate or make dirty. It's a major problem in Bangladesh. In Dhaka the ratio of pollution is very high and it 's affecting us everyday. When the essential elements rate of environment is low and the contamination rate is high it indicates that our environment is polluted. There are so many reasons behind this pollution problem and to detect those reason we must consider every aspect of our life. In Dhaka there are so many industry and vehicle. Industrialization is necessary to improve a country's economical condition but in our country industries creating pollution by releasing various kind of toxic and gas. They dumping their waste in river or abandoned area and these wastes are taking the place of essential elements of environment. As a result the ratio of the necessary elements are too low.The pollution consists in air , water and many other ways. As a result animal, Birds and also human being is in danger. It causes extinct of many animal. The use of industrial gas, toxic, waste, fertilizer, pesticide are the main reason of pollution. It's making life difficult for human and animal.

Air pollution is contaminate the air by releasing or emitting  gases, toxic and many other stuff. Dhaka is one of the mega city and because of that the numbers of vehicle are so many. In Dhaka vehicles are emitting smoke and polluting our air. But gas took the place of oil and now the pollution is much less.
There so many industries that emits smoke and our environment specially air taking a big hit because of this industrial smoke.In Dhaka the ratio of trees and population is not a good position. People are breathing  out Carbon Dioxide much. And the lack of trees can't fulfill the demand of oxygen. These are the reason behind air pollution. To decrease air pollution we should plant more tree and reduce industrial smoke.

Water pollution is contaminate the water by emitting toxic substance, waste,fertilizer and many other things.In our country many industries are releasing their toxic waste into river and polluting the water. As a result the creatures of water's life is in danger.By contaminating water we are destroying  the life of water's animal. And by using water of river or ponds we are getting sick every time. Water
pollution is creating some serious disease. And to stop this we need to act fast.

To get a pollution free environment we need to take proper steps. We should plant more tree . Government should do something about the industrial matter and help to create a pollution free environment.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Drug Abuse And Addiction In Bangladesh

Drug abuse and drug addiction is a growing and major concern for Bangladesh. It's taking a horrible shape to destroy our youth and society.Normally people do not understand why someone become addicted to drugs or why they just don't stop it. But there are some complication behind this. When someone abuse drugs regularly it's affect their brain, chemical run into their brain cell and it creates a feelings for sometime. When a drug abuser relapse they seek to abuse drugs and it become the most urgent feeling for him and he simply can't stop it. In Bangladesh it's increasing day by day and the abuser are mainly 17-30 years old. It's major problem in Bangladesh. There are so many reasons behind this drug abuse. In our society who abuse drugs are neglected and disrespected. But taking some step we can't reduce the drug abuse and addiction. To get rid of this problem we need to take immediate step. Firstly in order to stop drug abuse we have to stop illicit drug trafficking and stop the drug dealer.

Drug addiction is a brain disease for who use them and also harmful for people around them.It's quite really a frustrating matter that our youths are prone to be addicted. At first they take drugs for curiosity and then it becomes habit.Drugs are chemicals and those chemicals run into brain and hinders the normal process of brain.It is because that drugs are disease ,people who uses drugs can''t stop that easily. But with help and proper medication people can get rid of this curse. To stop doing drugs there needs proper effort. By taking medication and behavioral therapy it can be stopped. There are so many reasons behind this. Frustration, family problems, unemployment and easy access of drugs are the main reason.There are so many types of drugs in Bangladesh like :

                                                       7.Choros  and much more. There are so many sleeping peels to. People get easy access of this stuff and that's why people are more eager to use drugs.

Drugs abusing are  damaging our natural responding system and nervous system. As a result  it's creates unusual behavior and makes people who use drugs unable to live a normal life. There are some source addicted collect their drug money.
                                           1. pocket money
                                           2.from fiend
                                           3. from family
                                           4. criminal activities like hijacking and extortion etc.

Most of all  it's destroying our youths life and our society. To stop this curse we should take this more seriously and use resources and take proper step. If we fail to stop  this , it will destroy our nation's future . To stop this first we need to stop illicit drug and drug dealers. And this is the only way we can reduce this problem.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Unemployment Problem In Bangladesh

 Unemployment means when a large number of people seeking for job but government is unable to provide. Nowadays it's a major problem in the world. But in Bangladesh it's getting worse day by day.Every year there are so many students who complete their graduation , when it comes to apply their talent or do their job they can't find proper job or no job at all. As a result the young generation of Bangladesh is frustrated and losing their way.Though it's the responsibility of government to provide job they failed to full fill the demand of our young people. There are so many reasons behind this unemployment problem.It's frustrated and humiliating when a student go office to office to find a job for years and a time comes when they can't afford to apply for a job. In Bangladesh there are so many people fighting over a single post of job. And when they are tired of running they lost their way and eventually they start to involve in crime. It has huge effect in our country.

In Bangladesh political instability is the main cause of this problem. The two powerful  political party BNP and AWAMI LEAGUE , they are busy to gain their political power and nobody took any step to eradicate this unemployment problem. For political crisis no country or no company wants to invest in our country and we are losing our hope.Bangladesh government should take this problem seriously and comes to a solution.
If we notice the Asian developing country like Singapore , Malaysia and Korea they were able to eradicate this problem . The statistics of unemployment in Bangladesh is really bad. According to study the rate is 11%, in 2002 it was 8% and in 1990 it was only 2.4%. Besides political crisis there are some crucial reasons behind this unemployment problem.

The growth of population in Bangladesh is another problem behind unemployment problem. Our country is overpopulated and for overpopulation there is not enough job sectors. Industrialization is a important tool to eradicate unemployment from society and in Bangladesh we are failed to industrialized . It's a huge effect in our society.

In Bangladesh the education system is fault and it's not helping to increase creative mind. Our education system is lack of field work . As a result after knowing the process we are incapable of using it practically.

To eradicate this problem from our society we should take proper step as soon as we can. without wasting time we should stable our political situation so that other country and multinational companies decide to invest in our country. We need some changes in our education system like emphasis on field work, technical work and need to take some step to create extraordinary.
The main solution is industrialization . we need to build industry and create job. By expanding our industry sector we can easily eradicate this problem from our society.

If we can even solve some  of this problem we will able to stop this curse and make a better country. Our government should take this matter seriously.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Corruption In Bangladesh

Among many other problems Bangladesh has corruption problem too. And it's pretty much serious nowadays.Bangladesh is a small and developing country with many obstacles. To make sure it's economical and financial stability it's always face some serious difficulties. Corruption is a crime that destroy a country's future and no one can escape from it's harm.In Bangladesh it's starts from higher level of government officer,clerks, even peons. In this country every sector is corrupted and their lust and greedy making our life miserable. Government officer or who provide government services they demand bribe from common people to provide their services. In Bangladesh it's a become a normal and everyday factor. It's like everybody knows if you need any service from government or other institution you will have to pay them. As a result people suffer so much to get their services. There is no efforts from any government or institution that works against corruption to stop this particular disaster. There are so many reasons behind this corruption or bribery. The main reason is money, power, greed and much more.

There are so many types of corruption that taking place nowadays.When a general citizen ask for any service from government office and he has to pay to get the service it's called petty corruption. when  it happens the victim is directly a citizen.In order to get the service citizen offer them bribe and get their service.So petty corruption is when citizen are directly involve. When a political party or a city councilor or Mp choose to give a contract to a individual contractor in order to get benefit , it's called grand corruption. When this kind of corruption happen all the citizen are equally victim. there are so many types of corruption besides these two.

The reasons behind corruption is not simple. There are so many things to consider to determine why is this happening. It is known that the main problem behind this is poverty and morality. If the government officers don't get a standard wages or salary to live a standard life ,they  normally get involve in corruption . I think the main reasons behind this is lack of accountability, transparency and monitoring. If these elements are missing then corruption will increase no matter what. In our country there is no transparency and everything seems dark. And that's why it happens in the first place.

To stop this evil force in our country we need to take proper step. Though it can't be remove entirely from our society we should try to reduce the percentage. By increasing the accountability and monitoring we can reduce this. If we fail to do that there will be massive amount of destruction in our society.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Traffic Jam In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country. With all other problem it has massive traffic problem. Specially in Dhaka and Chittagong city. Dhaka is a Mega city which has nearly 12 million people.Everyday city people suffer so much for the traffic jam and it's killing their valuable time.There are lots of reason behind this traffic and hopefully i will talk about most of them.It's affecting our daily life very badly. If people want to go somewhere like school,college or in office they face massive traffic jam everyday.As a result they are unable to do their job correctly. In Dhaka city when someone want to go somewhere they always plan ahead.Only ten minute  way take one or two hours to reach.For this traffic jam people always suffer from air and sound pollution and it's making people life very miserable everyday.To prevent this problem we need to consider so many thinks.


There are so many reasons behind this traffic jam. Dhaka is the capitol of Bangladesh. As a result people from all over the country come in Dhaka in search of living and they are crowding it everyday. Besides this there are so many  vehicle and rickshaw in Dhaka. There is no by pass road out of the city and people always go through the city to go their destination. In order to make a better transportation in a city they need 25% road, Where Dhaka has only 7.5% road. It seems with this lack of city road we are facing an increasing problem.There so many reasons for traffic jam and the significant problems are  :

1. Lack of proper city planning.
2.There is massive difference between the number of vehicle and proportion of city road
3.Parking Problem
4.Centralization ( people are prone to come Dhaka in search of their living and population is increasing day by day)
5.Lack of traffic knowledge of drivers
6.Breaking the traffic rules
7.Lack of man power or traffic police
8.Entering so many vehicle everyday from outside the city
9.Handling the traffic system manually ( lack of technology )
10.Rail crossing
Besides them there are so many reason behind traffic jam.there are 70 (approximately) train in or out Dhaka everyday.As a result vehicle wait so much time and it causes traffic jam.In order to solve this problem we need some proper planning and our effort.

                                         How to reduce traffic jam

To reduce traffic jam we need proper planning and good effort.There are so many things to consider in order to reduce traffic jam. People are suffering this problem for long time and to make our life easy we need to focus on this problem.There so many things we need to consider but there are some important issue we should look at :

1.Take some proper step to planning road
2.Create strict rules and punishment who don't obey rules
3.Remove invalid vehicle from the road
4.Without proper knowledge of traffic don't issue driving license
5.Encourage  pedestrians to use zebra crossing or foot over bridge
and all above we should campaign to aware people about traffic jam.By taking proper step we can reduce traffic jam in Dhaka and make our life lot easier..

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Eve Teasing In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small and developing country, it has many problems.Eve teasing is one of them and it's problem with massive collision. Nowadays it's a massive problem specially to the teen aged girls. They are suffering humiliation , street harassment and much more. I suppose there is no need describe this facts that has huge impact in our society. So today i am gonna show some reasons why it's happening and some statistics that took place in our society.In our society there is huge misunderstanding that girls who are victim of eve teasing it's because of their dress modesty and their behavior. But i think the main problem is our perceptive and what we think about women. If we can change our thought or mind set or whatever you want to call it about women , it can be remove from our society.In short eve teasing is a euphemism used in Bangladesh for public harassment and humiliation ,sexual harassment and molestation of women by men.
Here are some elaborate information about eve teasing.

The Victim

Specially the victims are teen aged girls like i said before. But women are victims too. Girls who go to school or college are mainly humiliated by men. And what comes from sexual harassment or molestation is very dangerous outcome.

Eve Teaser
Eve Teaser is the man who harassment and do offending things to the girl.In our country normally eve teaser is the student of school or college. Middle aged men are also eve teaser. They humiliate girls in front of people and do very offending things to them or say something very hurtful. It seems to be by doing this things or molested girls they enjoy very much.

The effect of Eve Teasing

Bangladesh facing some serious problem now. Eve Teasing is one of them and it must be remove from society.After by molested and humiliated by eve teaser many girls gave up their life. Eve teaser sometimes touch them , comment in offensive way and sometime they humiliate girls in such disgusting way. As a result many girls who are victim of eve teasing prone to suicide or they stop go out and dropped out school or college.  Girls who are shy they don't tell their parent about these incident and they get frustrated and it makes them sick psychologically .The impact of Eve Teasing on girls :

1. Early marriage
3.Dropped out school or college
5.Feeling scare all the time.

To protect our girls and women Education ministry declared 13 June as " Eve Teasing Protection Day". There so much evil in this specific things and it can destroy a girls whole life. There are some statistics of victims :

   Year                                                                             Number of victim (approximately)
   2005                                                                                       11400
   2006                                                                                       11000
   2007                                                                                       14000
   2008                                                                                       14100
   2009                                                                                       12900

There are many reasons why this is happening. Nowadays in our society we don't teach our sons modesty , the value of women. This generation started following the western culture (specially bad things ) and they are forgetting our culture and society. As a result they are more violate and aggressive .

Now is the proper time to take proper step to stop this eve teasing and save our girls and our country. To stop this we should raise our voice and respect women.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Digital Bangladesh

The term 'Digital Bangladesh' implies rapid and positive development of all sectors. It impacts all the sectors of a country.Basically it means the development of technology and education. Through these development a country can achieve their goal. In Bangladesh we can develop our agriculture sector by using high technology. It increase our accountability in all sector . As a result we get transparency and proper explanation of concern subject.The term Digital Bangladesh was used by Bangladesh Awamy- league party. They set their goal to achieve greatness in all sector sectors. We just have to use its advantage in all sectors.

As a Bangladeshi citizen i am willing to say that we achieve so many things in the past year. And through our modern facility we will achieve our goal . I think Bangladesh will be a better and self-sufficient country in the future. Now we have more opportunity  to prove ourselves than before. And i think we should grab the opportunity and become something extra-ordinary.

The term Digital Bangladesh was first used in 2009 by Awami league and they are working on it since then.
Now Bangladesh is connected with sub-marine cable. And there are many sectors Bangladesh is participating now. In Bangladesh now we have more opportunity to accomplish something big and something great and i think we should work on it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Flood in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is prone to flood because of it's geographical situation. People of Bangladesh suffering this curse for long time.Every year there is vast amount of people are losing their home. As a result those homeless people always suffer much.Their normal life become so much harder and painful.
Flood almost take their everything they own.There are so many death and suffer for the people for blood. Mostly suffer the riverside people. They lose their home, their domestic animal and much more.

As you know for flood people lose their communication and everything becomes harder.There are so many statistics you will find about Bangladesh flood.There were so many major flood in Bangladesh in 1987, 1988 and most recent flood was in 2004 and 2010.Many people can;t reach out for help because of their communication problems and circumstances.Specially children of Bangladesh don't get fresh water and healthy food and as result they suffer from diarrhea and many disease .

Among many other problem not knowing what to do and lack of preparation causes so much damage.
Now many organization are working on how to help efficiently flood affected people.

By taking proper step we can fight flood. And we can make a better living life for flood affected people.Every year flood causes many deaths in Bangladesh. They lose everything and become more vulnareble.

We should aware them and enlighten them how they can fight blood . And most of all we should help them every way we can.