Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Child Abuse in Bangladesh

Nowadays child abuse  in Bangladesh is most traumatic subject.I don't know much about it,but i dig out some vital element . And think this information will help you to understand our condition about child abuse.


What we actually understand when we talk about child abuse?  I mean child abuse is not only physical . Child abuse is the crime of harming a child in a physical,sexual or emotional way (Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary ).Child abuse is a curse for a nation.Children is our hope our nation's hope.This thing can destroy us from the root.However there  are too many way that our children can be abused.So i am gonna talk about Child labor.

                                                    Child Labor

Child labor in Bangladesh is common.I can show you many statistics about this child labor.Despite of many laws child labor in Bangladesh increasing day by day.This thing can ruin a child's childhood.
As far as we know from the aspect of Bangladesh.the major categories are broken family children.
And people who can't feed their children,their poverty and lack of consciousness is mainly liable for child labor.
There are some statistics i wanna show you people....

Working children,  aged 5-17    7.4 million
Working children, aged 5-14    4.7 million
Child laborers  aged 5-17        3.2 million
Children engaged in hazardous labor, aged 5-17   1.3 million
Child domestic workers        1 421,000
                                                                            Source : International Child Labor Organisation(ILO) 

There are many way a child can abuse.We should increase our consciousness  and be against it..