Friday, August 28, 2015

Women's Rights in Bangladesh


I will start from the beginning.I mean in the decades of 1980s women treated like a domestic animal.If they do their job they will get something to eat and clothes to wear.Most women lived beyond their wall and they had no access to any kind of activities beyond their house.They had limited access to productive service, health care,education and many others thing.which led us a fertility  pattern,diminished of  family well-being,unhealthy child ,frustrated educational system and other goals of nations.Back then about 80 percent women lived in rural areas.And 70 percent of them were small cultivators,tenants and landless household.Many of them worked as a labor and seasonally jobs and received very poor wages.Another 20 percent was landless households and their job was begging ,labor,gleaning and other irregular income.In fact their income was more essential to run their family.

                                       Education and Women contribution

The literacy rate in Bangladesh for women is lower than men.I mean the proportion of literacy for men and women is 62.5%:55.1%.But during the past decades women education is increasing rapidly.Not just in the education sector but also they are contributing many important fields to develop  our nation.Though there are some conflicts about their rights on lands. In spite  of every law they are not getting their rights.

                                        Crimes against women

Child marriage is more popular with Bangladesh than any other country .Can you believe that 29% of girls get married before age 15 and 65% before the age of 18.In spite of child marriage laws it increasing day by day.Government had no strict effort in this matter.The government in our country attempted to lower the age of marriage for girls from 18 to 16.
Dowry is another curse for our country and for our women.Dowry's sector getting bigger day by day inspite of every effort.
In Bangladesh girls are often victims of  sexual harassment and Eve teasing.It's a great disease for a nation.Especially teenage girls are often victims of Eve teasing.


Well-being is a blessed for everyone.But we need to take proper steps to being well.In Bangladesh women are suffer from malnutrition and many other disease.As a result they give birth unhealthy child.Besides this they do lots of households works everyday and they need proper nutrition.And we should aware of this.

We should think about their rights and take proper steps to bring it to them and let them contribute to develop our nation.