Tuesday, September 1, 2015


" Laura ,at this stage i can offer nothing more than  my word.I am a senior government employee in the intelligent agency.I hope you  understand that contacting you is extremely high risk and you are willing to agree the following precautions before i share more.This will not be waste of your time.The following sounds complex .But should take only minutes to complete someone technical.I would like to confirm out of email that the keys we exchanged were not intercepted and replace by your surveillance.Please confirm that no one has ever had a copy of your private key and that is uses a strong passphrase.Assume your adversary is capable of one trillion guesses per second.If the device store the private key and enter your passphrase has been hacked,it is trivial to decrypt our communications.Understand that the above steps are not bulletproof and are intended only to give us breathing room.In the end, if you published the source material,i will likely be immediately implicated.This must not deter you from releasing the information i will provide.Thank you and be careful."
It was the first conversation via internet between Laura Poitras and Edward Snowden .First i want to introduce you people to Laura Paoitras.Laura Paoitras is a successful and academic award winner film director and producer.

Edward Snowden invited Laura ,Glen Greenwald and Ewen Macaskill to have conversation among them.First of all Edward Snowden was senior technical employee of NSA.The held their meetting in Hong Kong at the Mira hotel .There was an issue about citizen privacy and as a National employee of NSA Snowden was aware of something unusual .After 9/11 United States increase their defense and they took many curriculum to stop any further distraction.NSA were intercepting every single citizen in USA and besides Europe .According to Snowden this organisation collected every possible data of every citizen.It was like they were monitoring    every citizen,like email,credit cards,facebook,even their google search.Snowden said that he knows most interception points and he   said NSA were also   monitoring the largest telecommunication companies.In fact name of secuirity and defense they were collecting more and unnecessary  data which is actually like dictatorship.I mean where people don"t have their privacy about anything and they can't even talk about their disagrees.For this reason Edward gradaully leaked data which he was thinking that people should know. He gave all the data,how things work and how it was spoiling normal people's freedom.When Classified data like these were in the air USA government was paranoid.Reavelling this kind of classified data was not easy for Snowden.But he did and he stand alone against this thing.
 After many hazards and problems he was able to go Russia ,but he couldn't pass the transit area .Because his passport was deactivated by US    government.After 40 days staying on airport area he was approved by Russia government as a political asylum for 1 year.