Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Flood in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is prone to flood because of it's geographical situation. People of Bangladesh suffering this curse for long time.Every year there is vast amount of people are losing their home. As a result those homeless people always suffer much.Their normal life become so much harder and painful.
Flood almost take their everything they own.There are so many death and suffer for the people for blood. Mostly suffer the riverside people. They lose their home, their domestic animal and much more.

As you know for flood people lose their communication and everything becomes harder.There are so many statistics you will find about Bangladesh flood.There were so many major flood in Bangladesh in 1987, 1988 and most recent flood was in 2004 and 2010.Many people can;t reach out for help because of their communication problems and circumstances.Specially children of Bangladesh don't get fresh water and healthy food and as result they suffer from diarrhea and many disease .

Among many other problem not knowing what to do and lack of preparation causes so much damage.
Now many organization are working on how to help efficiently flood affected people.

By taking proper step we can fight flood. And we can make a better living life for flood affected people.Every year flood causes many deaths in Bangladesh. They lose everything and become more vulnareble.

We should aware them and enlighten them how they can fight blood . And most of all we should help them every way we can.