Friday, August 5, 2016

Digital Bangladesh

The term 'Digital Bangladesh' implies rapid and positive development of all sectors. It impacts all the sectors of a country.Basically it means the development of technology and education. Through these development a country can achieve their goal. In Bangladesh we can develop our agriculture sector by using high technology. It increase our accountability in all sector . As a result we get transparency and proper explanation of concern subject.The term Digital Bangladesh was used by Bangladesh Awamy- league party. They set their goal to achieve greatness in all sector sectors. We just have to use its advantage in all sectors.

As a Bangladeshi citizen i am willing to say that we achieve so many things in the past year. And through our modern facility we will achieve our goal . I think Bangladesh will be a better and self-sufficient country in the future. Now we have more opportunity  to prove ourselves than before. And i think we should grab the opportunity and become something extra-ordinary.

The term Digital Bangladesh was first used in 2009 by Awami league and they are working on it since then.
Now Bangladesh is connected with sub-marine cable. And there are many sectors Bangladesh is participating now. In Bangladesh now we have more opportunity to accomplish something big and something great and i think we should work on it.