Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Traffic Jam In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country. With all other problem it has massive traffic problem. Specially in Dhaka and Chittagong city. Dhaka is a Mega city which has nearly 12 million people.Everyday city people suffer so much for the traffic jam and it's killing their valuable time.There are lots of reason behind this traffic and hopefully i will talk about most of them.It's affecting our daily life very badly. If people want to go somewhere like school,college or in office they face massive traffic jam everyday.As a result they are unable to do their job correctly. In Dhaka city when someone want to go somewhere they always plan ahead.Only ten minute  way take one or two hours to reach.For this traffic jam people always suffer from air and sound pollution and it's making people life very miserable everyday.To prevent this problem we need to consider so many thinks.


There are so many reasons behind this traffic jam. Dhaka is the capitol of Bangladesh. As a result people from all over the country come in Dhaka in search of living and they are crowding it everyday. Besides this there are so many  vehicle and rickshaw in Dhaka. There is no by pass road out of the city and people always go through the city to go their destination. In order to make a better transportation in a city they need 25% road, Where Dhaka has only 7.5% road. It seems with this lack of city road we are facing an increasing problem.There so many reasons for traffic jam and the significant problems are  :

1. Lack of proper city planning.
2.There is massive difference between the number of vehicle and proportion of city road
3.Parking Problem
4.Centralization ( people are prone to come Dhaka in search of their living and population is increasing day by day)
5.Lack of traffic knowledge of drivers
6.Breaking the traffic rules
7.Lack of man power or traffic police
8.Entering so many vehicle everyday from outside the city
9.Handling the traffic system manually ( lack of technology )
10.Rail crossing
Besides them there are so many reason behind traffic jam.there are 70 (approximately) train in or out Dhaka everyday.As a result vehicle wait so much time and it causes traffic jam.In order to solve this problem we need some proper planning and our effort.

                                         How to reduce traffic jam

To reduce traffic jam we need proper planning and good effort.There are so many things to consider in order to reduce traffic jam. People are suffering this problem for long time and to make our life easy we need to focus on this problem.There so many things we need to consider but there are some important issue we should look at :

1.Take some proper step to planning road
2.Create strict rules and punishment who don't obey rules
3.Remove invalid vehicle from the road
4.Without proper knowledge of traffic don't issue driving license
5.Encourage  pedestrians to use zebra crossing or foot over bridge
and all above we should campaign to aware people about traffic jam.By taking proper step we can reduce traffic jam in Dhaka and make our life lot easier..