Monday, August 29, 2016

Environment Pollution In Bangladesh

The word "pollution" means contaminate or make dirty. It's a major problem in Bangladesh. In Dhaka the ratio of pollution is very high and it 's affecting us everyday. When the essential elements rate of environment is low and the contamination rate is high it indicates that our environment is polluted. There are so many reasons behind this pollution problem and to detect those reason we must consider every aspect of our life. In Dhaka there are so many industry and vehicle. Industrialization is necessary to improve a country's economical condition but in our country industries creating pollution by releasing various kind of toxic and gas. They dumping their waste in river or abandoned area and these wastes are taking the place of essential elements of environment. As a result the ratio of the necessary elements are too low.The pollution consists in air , water and many other ways. As a result animal, Birds and also human being is in danger. It causes extinct of many animal. The use of industrial gas, toxic, waste, fertilizer, pesticide are the main reason of pollution. It's making life difficult for human and animal.

Air pollution is contaminate the air by releasing or emitting  gases, toxic and many other stuff. Dhaka is one of the mega city and because of that the numbers of vehicle are so many. In Dhaka vehicles are emitting smoke and polluting our air. But gas took the place of oil and now the pollution is much less.
There so many industries that emits smoke and our environment specially air taking a big hit because of this industrial smoke.In Dhaka the ratio of trees and population is not a good position. People are breathing  out Carbon Dioxide much. And the lack of trees can't fulfill the demand of oxygen. These are the reason behind air pollution. To decrease air pollution we should plant more tree and reduce industrial smoke.

Water pollution is contaminate the water by emitting toxic substance, waste,fertilizer and many other things.In our country many industries are releasing their toxic waste into river and polluting the water. As a result the creatures of water's life is in danger.By contaminating water we are destroying  the life of water's animal. And by using water of river or ponds we are getting sick every time. Water
pollution is creating some serious disease. And to stop this we need to act fast.

To get a pollution free environment we need to take proper steps. We should plant more tree . Government should do something about the industrial matter and help to create a pollution free environment.