Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Drug Abuse And Addiction In Bangladesh

Drug abuse and drug addiction is a growing and major concern for Bangladesh. It's taking a horrible shape to destroy our youth and society.Normally people do not understand why someone become addicted to drugs or why they just don't stop it. But there are some complication behind this. When someone abuse drugs regularly it's affect their brain, chemical run into their brain cell and it creates a feelings for sometime. When a drug abuser relapse they seek to abuse drugs and it become the most urgent feeling for him and he simply can't stop it. In Bangladesh it's increasing day by day and the abuser are mainly 17-30 years old. It's major problem in Bangladesh. There are so many reasons behind this drug abuse. In our society who abuse drugs are neglected and disrespected. But taking some step we can't reduce the drug abuse and addiction. To get rid of this problem we need to take immediate step. Firstly in order to stop drug abuse we have to stop illicit drug trafficking and stop the drug dealer.

Drug addiction is a brain disease for who use them and also harmful for people around them.It's quite really a frustrating matter that our youths are prone to be addicted. At first they take drugs for curiosity and then it becomes habit.Drugs are chemicals and those chemicals run into brain and hinders the normal process of brain.It is because that drugs are disease ,people who uses drugs can''t stop that easily. But with help and proper medication people can get rid of this curse. To stop doing drugs there needs proper effort. By taking medication and behavioral therapy it can be stopped. There are so many reasons behind this. Frustration, family problems, unemployment and easy access of drugs are the main reason.There are so many types of drugs in Bangladesh like :

                                                       7.Choros  and much more. There are so many sleeping peels to. People get easy access of this stuff and that's why people are more eager to use drugs.

Drugs abusing are  damaging our natural responding system and nervous system. As a result  it's creates unusual behavior and makes people who use drugs unable to live a normal life. There are some source addicted collect their drug money.
                                           1. pocket money
                                           2.from fiend
                                           3. from family
                                           4. criminal activities like hijacking and extortion etc.

Most of all  it's destroying our youths life and our society. To stop this curse we should take this more seriously and use resources and take proper step. If we fail to stop  this , it will destroy our nation's future . To stop this first we need to stop illicit drug and drug dealers. And this is the only way we can reduce this problem.