Monday, August 22, 2016

Unemployment Problem In Bangladesh

 Unemployment means when a large number of people seeking for job but government is unable to provide. Nowadays it's a major problem in the world. But in Bangladesh it's getting worse day by day.Every year there are so many students who complete their graduation , when it comes to apply their talent or do their job they can't find proper job or no job at all. As a result the young generation of Bangladesh is frustrated and losing their way.Though it's the responsibility of government to provide job they failed to full fill the demand of our young people. There are so many reasons behind this unemployment problem.It's frustrated and humiliating when a student go office to office to find a job for years and a time comes when they can't afford to apply for a job. In Bangladesh there are so many people fighting over a single post of job. And when they are tired of running they lost their way and eventually they start to involve in crime. It has huge effect in our country.

In Bangladesh political instability is the main cause of this problem. The two powerful  political party BNP and AWAMI LEAGUE , they are busy to gain their political power and nobody took any step to eradicate this unemployment problem. For political crisis no country or no company wants to invest in our country and we are losing our hope.Bangladesh government should take this problem seriously and comes to a solution.
If we notice the Asian developing country like Singapore , Malaysia and Korea they were able to eradicate this problem . The statistics of unemployment in Bangladesh is really bad. According to study the rate is 11%, in 2002 it was 8% and in 1990 it was only 2.4%. Besides political crisis there are some crucial reasons behind this unemployment problem.

The growth of population in Bangladesh is another problem behind unemployment problem. Our country is overpopulated and for overpopulation there is not enough job sectors. Industrialization is a important tool to eradicate unemployment from society and in Bangladesh we are failed to industrialized . It's a huge effect in our society.

In Bangladesh the education system is fault and it's not helping to increase creative mind. Our education system is lack of field work . As a result after knowing the process we are incapable of using it practically.

To eradicate this problem from our society we should take proper step as soon as we can. without wasting time we should stable our political situation so that other country and multinational companies decide to invest in our country. We need some changes in our education system like emphasis on field work, technical work and need to take some step to create extraordinary.
The main solution is industrialization . we need to build industry and create job. By expanding our industry sector we can easily eradicate this problem from our society.

If we can even solve some  of this problem we will able to stop this curse and make a better country. Our government should take this matter seriously.