Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Eve Teasing In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small and developing country, it has many problems.Eve teasing is one of them and it's problem with massive collision. Nowadays it's a massive problem specially to the teen aged girls. They are suffering humiliation , street harassment and much more. I suppose there is no need describe this facts that has huge impact in our society. So today i am gonna show some reasons why it's happening and some statistics that took place in our society.In our society there is huge misunderstanding that girls who are victim of eve teasing it's because of their dress modesty and their behavior. But i think the main problem is our perceptive and what we think about women. If we can change our thought or mind set or whatever you want to call it about women , it can be remove from our society.In short eve teasing is a euphemism used in Bangladesh for public harassment and humiliation ,sexual harassment and molestation of women by men.
Here are some elaborate information about eve teasing.

The Victim

Specially the victims are teen aged girls like i said before. But women are victims too. Girls who go to school or college are mainly humiliated by men. And what comes from sexual harassment or molestation is very dangerous outcome.

Eve Teaser
Eve Teaser is the man who harassment and do offending things to the girl.In our country normally eve teaser is the student of school or college. Middle aged men are also eve teaser. They humiliate girls in front of people and do very offending things to them or say something very hurtful. It seems to be by doing this things or molested girls they enjoy very much.

The effect of Eve Teasing

Bangladesh facing some serious problem now. Eve Teasing is one of them and it must be remove from society.After by molested and humiliated by eve teaser many girls gave up their life. Eve teaser sometimes touch them , comment in offensive way and sometime they humiliate girls in such disgusting way. As a result many girls who are victim of eve teasing prone to suicide or they stop go out and dropped out school or college.  Girls who are shy they don't tell their parent about these incident and they get frustrated and it makes them sick psychologically .The impact of Eve Teasing on girls :

1. Early marriage
3.Dropped out school or college
5.Feeling scare all the time.

To protect our girls and women Education ministry declared 13 June as " Eve Teasing Protection Day". There so much evil in this specific things and it can destroy a girls whole life. There are some statistics of victims :

   Year                                                                             Number of victim (approximately)
   2005                                                                                       11400
   2006                                                                                       11000
   2007                                                                                       14000
   2008                                                                                       14100
   2009                                                                                       12900

There are many reasons why this is happening. Nowadays in our society we don't teach our sons modesty , the value of women. This generation started following the western culture (specially bad things ) and they are forgetting our culture and society. As a result they are more violate and aggressive .

Now is the proper time to take proper step to stop this eve teasing and save our girls and our country. To stop this we should raise our voice and respect women.