Sunday, August 14, 2016

Corruption In Bangladesh

Among many other problems Bangladesh has corruption problem too. And it's pretty much serious nowadays.Bangladesh is a small and developing country with many obstacles. To make sure it's economical and financial stability it's always face some serious difficulties. Corruption is a crime that destroy a country's future and no one can escape from it's harm.In Bangladesh it's starts from higher level of government officer,clerks, even peons. In this country every sector is corrupted and their lust and greedy making our life miserable. Government officer or who provide government services they demand bribe from common people to provide their services. In Bangladesh it's a become a normal and everyday factor. It's like everybody knows if you need any service from government or other institution you will have to pay them. As a result people suffer so much to get their services. There is no efforts from any government or institution that works against corruption to stop this particular disaster. There are so many reasons behind this corruption or bribery. The main reason is money, power, greed and much more.

There are so many types of corruption that taking place nowadays.When a general citizen ask for any service from government office and he has to pay to get the service it's called petty corruption. when  it happens the victim is directly a citizen.In order to get the service citizen offer them bribe and get their service.So petty corruption is when citizen are directly involve. When a political party or a city councilor or Mp choose to give a contract to a individual contractor in order to get benefit , it's called grand corruption. When this kind of corruption happen all the citizen are equally victim. there are so many types of corruption besides these two.

The reasons behind corruption is not simple. There are so many things to consider to determine why is this happening. It is known that the main problem behind this is poverty and morality. If the government officers don't get a standard wages or salary to live a standard life ,they  normally get involve in corruption . I think the main reasons behind this is lack of accountability, transparency and monitoring. If these elements are missing then corruption will increase no matter what. In our country there is no transparency and everything seems dark. And that's why it happens in the first place.

To stop this evil force in our country we need to take proper step. Though it can't be remove entirely from our society we should try to reduce the percentage. By increasing the accountability and monitoring we can reduce this. If we fail to do that there will be massive amount of destruction in our society.