Saturday, September 3, 2016

Women Empowerment In Bangladesh

Women empowerment in Bangladesh is a critical issue. In modern days we believe in equality but we rarely practice in field. Though the half of the population is women and girls, they are not allowed to make decisions and do things their way. They are essential part of a family , they handle every indoor issues and yet they don't get credit for that. They are very important resource for our society and if we can make sure their proper participation we can achieve something bigger.  Though they work in many sectors like garments, hospital, police and agricultural areas, they are neglected in every sectors and it hinder's their rights. If we can make sure their participation and use the half of the nation's resource we can eradicate our poverty and established women's empowerment. Women's empowerment is a process to make sure their right's and eradicate gender disparity from our society. It's a very important concept that needs to be applied in our society.

In Bangladesh there are so many obstacles to established women's empowerment. Women  believe in superstition , erotic social value, ignorance and religious sentiment. And men take this opportunity and use their weakness against them. In our society when a  female child born it is considered as a curse and on the other hand when a male child born it is considered as luck and welcomed the male child. As a result when female grow up the society place a concept in their mind that they are born to look after men and the family. In our country it is forbidden for a women to work outside. Though nowadays women are participating outside work in a small amount and they don't get full credit for their achievement.

Bangladesh is a developing  country  and to achieve something great and eradicate poverty from our society we need to make sure that women are participating and they are treated as resource. To established women empowerment women needs to take their part and their rights. We need believe that women can be a big resource to eradicate poverty and established a strong society. In order to make this things work we need make sure their proper education. And this is how they can take their rights from society and participate to make a better world.

We need to consider this matter and find out the obstacles and work on it. if we can make sure women's participation in every sectors in our society we will able to achieve something great.