Sunday, September 18, 2016

Agriculture Sector of Bangladesh

Agriculture is one of the most popular sector of Bangladesh for employment. In rural areas almost every family is involve in agriculture to make their living. Rice and jute are primary crops of Bangladesh. But wheat ,maize and vegetable are important too. In Bangladesh many people depend on agriculture sector to make their living.Tea grow in northeast area of Bangladesh. The land of this country is fertile that's why farmers can grow rice and harvest 3 times a year in someplace. Rice is the main food of Bangladesh. But for the growth of population there is short of rice . We can't full fill our needs . Though there so many people depend on agriculture, they don't have proper knowledge about farming. But nowadays government is taking proper step to enlighten the farmers about agriculture. They are providing resources and giving information about farming. Agriculture sector of our country contributes to increase GDP rate. The most important thing is this sector is contributing 60% of employment of the country. It has overwhelming and huge impact in our economic and social condition.

It's a potential and important sector for Bangladesh. There are so many crops grow in our country, like rice, jute, wheat, potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables and sugar cane. Potatoes and sweet potatoes have very good demand in local markets. Besides unrefined sugar cane is known as "Gur" in local areas and it has popularity in local markets. However our farmers are not up to date with technology and great ideas that can make lot easier our agriculture sector.In rural areas farmers are mostly illiterate and they don't know proper way to make their farming easy. To make farming more productive government needs to train farmers and aware them about farming.

To kill insects farmers use  several kinds of medicine which are very harmful for us. To avoid insecticide and create an alternative way experts needs work on this matter. In insecticide there so many harmful elements and these things affected us very much. Bangladesh is fourth large rice producing country. The Rice research center of Bangladesh is working with several NGOs to solve the insecticide problem. Crops are mostly for local markets of Bangladesh. Only a small percentage of production for world market but mostly for local market. To increase our market and to gain more GDP from agriculture we should take proper step and do something about it real sooner.

The agriculture sector  is very important for our economic development and solve unemployment problem. To increase products market in worldwide government should train and give opportunities  the farmers. To make change in our economic condition we need to focus on agricultural sector.