Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Children Trafficking In Bangladesh

The issue of children trafficking has been a major concern for very long time. Children trafficking is taking place in our country for very long time. It's a evil and very offensive crime. The nature and characteristics of this crime is very complex. All over the world children trafficking is complex issue and to stop or reduce it first it needs to be understood. For the open border with India Bangladeshi children are victim of trafficking for a long time. Traffickers are more bold and doing their work under our nose.Children trafficking is increasing and children are trafficking to India Pakistan for labor, sex, or even for their organs. It's very frustrating that how people can do such thing.They sell the organs of the children for money. To stop this kind of evil work Bangladesh government and many non government  are taking anti trafficking measures and trying to understand the process how traffickers do this work.Trafficking is a serious problem and it's considered as a human rights violation and traffickers works with very big network. In the context of Bangladesh children trafficking means " All acts involved in the recruitment or transportation of child within and across of the country for work or services by means of violence or threat of violence, deception or any other coercion form".

Children trafficking in Bangladesh is taking a really big shape and it needs to stop. To stop trafficking we need to understand how they process, transport victim or recruit them and who or which organisation are their buyer. Sometimes the process of trafficking consists so much complexity. They use so many process and they change routes , traffickers or divide victim in small group. There are so many organisation researching about trafficking, the behavior of traffickers and many things. Bangladesh can take help to understand traffickers from those organisation . Traffickers taking the advantage of our vulnerability and we are so many lives of children. Children are use for the sexual work, heavy work and sometimes they get killed for their organs.

There are so many reasons behind this children trafficking. The most important one is the vulnerability of family. They don't understand the consequences of their decision they make. They don't understand the process of traffickers. They their children will earn money for the family but never question what will they do to earn money. The lack of awareness is another reason for children trafficking. We are not aware of our actions. When traffickers give job offer we agree without interrogate about circumstances, works and many other things.

To stop this monstrosity our government should take proper step. Analyse about trafficking , understand their process and if needs take help from various organisation that are adapt. We should be more aware to stop this thing.