Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cyber Crime In Bangladesh

The communication system and digital technology made our life so easy. Internet is breakthrough for our entire communication. It doesn't matter where we are through internet we can communicate with wherever we want whomever we want. Nowadays using internet and modern technology is increasing rapidly and a person can deal with almost everything by sitting on his computer. Bangladesh internet using is increasing very fast.But this can be use for bad intention like steal personal information, breaking bank securities and lot more things. Any criminal activities through computer and networks is consider as a cyber crime. It includes traditional crime act through internet. Cyber crime is increasing rapidly all over the world. but Bangladesh has no special training or tech to combat this crime.Though Bangladesh is a poor country people are eager to know about internet and we have internet in 64 districts. Nowadays there so many cyber cafe in Bangladesh. Young people love to spend lots of time in internet. And yet Bangladesh government don't have expertise for cyber crime. It's like a safer place for criminals.

According to a valuable source in Bangladesh there are so many use of fake hosting, fake website and fake email to get valuable information. Internet is very important sector for our everyday life. Bangladesh has a growing internet sector and  to secure this sector government should take cyber crime more seriously. To keep safe confidential information and valuable resources government should create special cyber crime law like other developed countries.

Cyber crime is very popular nowadays in our digital life. Cyber crime is when someone use computer and internet to get access to confidential information or steal personal data and do something which is strictly forbidden. People who does this kind of crime generally referred as a Hacker. There so many types of cyber crime , but generally pornography is taking a huge shape nowadays. And government of Bangladesh is not taking proper steps. There are several incident took place in last few years regarding  cyber crime. Bangladesh Rapid Action Battalion's (RAB) official website was hacked and it was such a panic. RAB is a very powerful department of Bangladesh justice department and yet it was hacked by Bangladeshi people. But somehow RAB was able to arrest the hackers and one of the hacker says we should not do illegal stuff in internet. In Bangladesh banking system and transaction system is not fully online. When these things become fully online we will face great measure of threat and government should think about it real fast.

Though Bangladesh is not a technical advanced country ,there are so many illegal stuff going on in internet and it concern our government. Bangladesh government should look into this matter seriously, build cyber crime law and secure our internet. If we don't take any action about this our important sector and confidential will be in stake.