Saturday, September 17, 2016

Poverty In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing and populated counrty. It has enormous number of population and people who can't afford a normal life with their basic needs. The life style of this country's people is very poor and miserable. Most of the people live by hand to mouth. It means if they don't work one day they can't afford their food and other basic needs. In this country most of the people are living a poor and miserable life. Bangladesh is facing several problems like iliteracy, infant mortality, unemployment problem and much more, people of this country is fighting for a good and stable life though they have so much limitations. But poverty is a problem that people are unable of overcome this curse. Now the major question is why is so poverty in our counrty?, what are the reasons behind this?, and what should we do to reduce this poverty from our country? If we can get those answer we will be able to do something constructive to reduce this problem.

Poverty has so many effect in our social life and yet we are unable to reduce this problem. Poverty has so many dimensions. It reflects insecurity . It hinders social and economic empowerment. It's about our vulnerabilities , uncertainty and not knowing the fact. There are so many reasons behind this problem and it did't occur in one day. In rural areas people are depend on their agriculture sector, but they don't have enough knowledge about agriculture and it applies in all sectors. However there are bigger reasons behind this problem like unemployment. It has huge impact in our society and as a result people of Bangladesh are living under of poverty lines.Poverty inclines that someone don't have enough money to fullfill their basic needs and things those make life easier.

There is elite class people who controls other peoples life and take advantage of their vulnerabilities. The people who are depend on so many things like natural calamaties , price and such things. If these things changes lot of people life get so miserable. The problem is our social infrustructure .Where rich peole get richer and the condition of poor people get worse.Speacially in urban areas some people fight for their daily food and some waste so much money for nothing. If we can't do something about it things will get worse.

The economic condition of our country is developing. To reduce poverty from our country we should take this issue more seriously, analyse the condition and take proper step. We need to make sure that every people of this country can fullfill their basic needs and have a normal life. Our government should think about it and take proper step as soon as possible.