Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Important of Self-Discipline

Self- Discipline means control yourself and strengthen your inner self to become better version of yourself. This is the way to become better and to know how to utilize every resource you have got. Everyone knows that self-discipline is efficient way to reach our goal and be better version of yourself, though very few practice this in our everyday life. Self-Discipline doesn't mean to harsh on you or restrictive life style or living limited life. It's about strengthen your inner side and push yourself towards success and reach your goal.Many of us thinks it's an old idea or old fashioned. But if you want to become better or best version of yourself you need self control, mind set up and continue the process consistently. To learn these or gain these virtue you need to be disciplined. It helps us to be efficient, overcome our addiction, stay from laziness and procrastination. It helps you to be determined about your decisions and work until you achieve your goal. It's about feeling strength inside and gain confidence that you have full control over you.

If you want to be an entrepreneur you have to work on your patience, consistency and determination. To be an entrepreneur you will need to be calm, you have learn accept rejection. To increase your inner virtue and your work ethics you need to discipline yourself.

If you want to be an athlete you need years of practice, training, hard work and increase your skills. To gain those virtues first you need to be disciplined. In the morning wake up early, work through pain and keep work out every day, it's only possible by self discipline. Not only in athlete sector but you will need discipline in every sector you want to be the best.

To make big change in your life you need self discipline. To gain the courage to left behind everything you know, get out from your comfort zone you need self discipline.

Every person wants to raise their children to become noble person, respect others and to gain their goal. Children prefers example than advice. So if parents wants their children to become a better person they need to practice self discipline and their children will follow their work , their behavior.

By possessing this skills someone can achieve self esteem, self control and consistency. To increase your abilities to gain something, you need to be discipline. On the other hand the lack of self-discipline lead us to failure, depression, laziness and procrastination.

Many of us believe that this is a way to become better but very few of us practice their everyday life. Everyone wants to be the best of themselves, but it's not possible without hard work, sacrifice, consistency. And to become better of ourselves we need to learn self-discipline.