Sunday, September 25, 2016

Discuss and define on the ignorance

No matter how much you know there are things that you don't know. It's part of the life and it's not possible for anyone to know everything.And it doesn't mean that learning is futile or something useless. Learning is a process that slowly it helps us to lifted a huge weight from our shoulder. Learning is a process of making life easier and meaningful. There some moments when we face problems and we don't know the answer and there is nothing to ashamed of , no one can know everything. It's more like a urge to know about something and this is what makes us more wiser. There is nothing damaging like ignorance. Ignorance is a damaging aspect of someone life. Someone can no everything and not knowing is not ignorance. What we need is the specific knowledge to move forward and knowing mandatory fact to live our life. And it differ from people to people. For example i don't know anything about space travel but for a astronaut it's very important know about space travel. To improve someone's life learning is a very important process.

The meaning of ignorance can be different to everyone. But there are certain things we should know  in order to live our life perfectly. If you don't know about a low that doesn't enforce in your everyday life  it would be normal. But if you don't know about your city traffic rules it could cost you fine or imprisonment. You need to be aware about your children education and much more things. What i mean is there are some things that we need to know about our everyday life. And it can be differ from person to person.

Ignorance is the main reason for prejudices and biases. To avoid such thing we need to know about them unless we are ignorant about the fact. The word prejudice implies ""pre-judging" and prejudice means judge something or someone without any knowledge about them. To judge someone there's need to be specific knowledge about them and yet some person judge people even not knowing them appropriately. And this is what does ignorance to a person.

In every situation in our life we will need to make decisions and the capacity of making a decision is not possible for the person who doesn't think or know about the situation properly. Ignorant people will jump into a decision not knowing the fact. And sometimes one decision cost everything in our life.

Ignorance is a curse for every person. To do something properly we need to know about the fact and if we don't know then we can't do the thing correctly. Knowing is the against of ignorance. To improve our life, to make easier our life we need to learn. Learning can make things lot easier. To get rid of ignorance it takes dedication, hard work, desire to know and most of all effort. Ignorance always keeps us down, to do the right thing  and to avoid any kind of prejudging we need to learn about fact and situation. When we are able to detect that we don't know about the fact and create a urge to know is the brilliant thing and this things can make our life easier.