Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Early Marriage In Bangladesh

Early marriage or child marriage can be defined as " any marriage that carried out before the age of 18, before the girl is physically, psychologically shoulder the responsibility of marriage or childbearing. Early marriage is a custom in Bangladesh. It's destroying so many girls lives and they are losing their childhood because of this custom. In Bangladesh early marriage is so popular that most of the girls are marriage before the age of 18. In Bangladesh 39% girls are married before they are 15 and 74% girls are married before they are 18. Even though Bangladesh has child marriage restrain act people are more prone to early marriage. It's affecting our society and the most important it affecting the health condition of girls.In rural areas the situation of early marriage is so bad. They don't think about the girl, they don't think that if she is capable of running a family or not. More often the condition of girls health get worse because of malnutrition, early child birth and household works. As a result they are not able to live a healthy life and not even their children. It's a social curse that destroying the girls childhood and their life. People are not aware of this curse.

The main reason behind this early marriage is traditional customs and moral codes. Young girls are considered as a family burden. Sometimes parents are attracted by the lower rate of dowry.  in rural areas people thinks early marriage is a solution that they don't have to pay big amount of dowry. Another main reason of early marriage is young girls are often sexually harassed. Parents are always afraid of their girls safety. To feel safe parents are more prone to early marriage. Sometimes parents are attracted by proposal. They think their girls might not get proposal like this. To feel safe and to settle their girls is more important to them. These are the main reason behind early marriage. Though it differs family to family.

The consequences of early marriage are very dreadful. The main risk of early marriage is the health condition of a girl. To take a family's responsibility, childbearing, giving early birth are very risk for a young age girl. Young girls who get married are mostly suffer from malnutrition and feeling sick. Giving birth before age of 18 is risk for mother and for the baby. Besides girls who gives birth and the baby they suffer from various kind of disease.Maternal mortality rate is very high in young age.

Because of early marriage girls drop out of school. They are more likely to have less work skill and it hinders their opportunity to work outside of the house. They become so depend on others and it makes their life  more miserable. It leads to domestic violence and many other problems. Early marriage is the reason for their weakness, vulnerability, depend on others and so much more.

The main question is how do we stop it. But it's not possible to stop entirely. Early marriage is a concept and we have understand the consequences of early marriage. If we can make rural peoples to understand it's bad side we can reduce this problems. The government of Bangladesh have to be more active in this matter and do something about it.