Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dowry Problem In Bangladesh

There are so many problems in our society but dowry is a problem that controlling so many women lives. It's a curse that take everything away from a family and build a false relationship. Dowry didn't take place in our society by one day. At first people give give gifts for their daughter for love or prestige. But eventually it became custom and took place in our society. Nowadays it has to be determined before marriage that what will bride's family give the groom's family. And more often bride's family can't afford what the groom's family demand and often it stops the marriage. Dowry has huge impact in our rural and urban life also. It's a custom, thoughts that took place in our mind and controlling so many women's lives. It has become very difficult for a family to find a suitable husband for their daughter without a handsome dowry. Nowadays marriage has become a business and it's like two family exchanging commodities. But mostly it's really hard for bride's family to collect whatever the groom;s family demand. Girl's family often become so desperate that they take loans and sold their land many other actions.

In rural areas people believed that birth of baby girl is a curse and one of the reason is dowry. According to dowry prohibition Act 1980 if groom or groom's family demand any expensive gift or money it is punishable by imprisonment up to five years.If bride's family is unable to give dowry then  often life of the bride's become hell. Sometimes groom's family torture her physically, mentally or even psychologically. In rural areas husband pressure the wife for money even after marriage and if the girl can't manage the money she is abused by husband, sometimes abused all family member of husband. It creates a lot pressure for the girls and the family of girls. They often sold of everything just to make their daughters life happy.

In Bangladesh dowry controls so many peoples lives. people who live hand to mouth but to marriage their girls or sister they expense everything they have. It creates a miserable life for the girls and for the family. Dowry is a way to destroy relationship and peoples life. Sometime it makes a girls to suicide. When a girls family can't afford what her husband family wants and it creates hostile environment. Then sometimes girls are abused by their husband family and lots of suffer lead them to suicide. Some family are so cruel that they torture the bride to death. It's a very ugly custom for our society.

To prevent this cruelty there are several law acts created by Bangladesh government. But it's a strong custom and to eradicate from our society we need to develop our thoughts. We should take this thing more seriously and say no to dowry. This is the only way to stop this monstrosity from our society.